Roddy Rumpshire

Bachelor from Willowroot



  • Fighter 4
  • Survivalist 6
  • Haggler 4
  • Brewer 3
  • Recipe-wise 3
  • Camp-wise 2
  • Persuader 3


  • Fat
  • Extrovert


  • Resources 5
  • Circles 3


  • Chang Gun (Staff stored at barracks)
  • Throwing Knives x 4
  • Loukas Sword (Long Sword)
    – Razor Sharp: +1s to attack
    – Compass: +1s to Scout, Pathfinding, Cartography

A jovial fellow from the lovely town of Willowroot, Roddy Rumpshire, is the only son of Ralph and Roweena Rumpshire. As the son of an innkeeper and brewer, Roddy met many mice as they passed through town on their way to bigger and better things. A born extrovert, Roddy befriended all that he crossed paths with while growing up.

A life of relative ease combined with a remote location led to his growing in popularity and also in size. By age 12 Roddy knew he wanted to be a brewer just like his father. The smell of the fine ingredients, the meticulous work that went into perfecting the craft, and finally the ultimate payoff as customers and friends alike yearned for and ultimately received that ‘next swig’ was enough to solidify his choice as a brewer. As time progressed and Roddy grew in experience and age, he formulated many popular brews and ultimately his signature beer labeled ‘Breezy Willow’. Roddy poured himself into crafting fine brews and peddling them throughout the Mouse Territories.

Years went by and he saw friends marry and be given in marriage but, all the while and partly due to his size and devotion to his trade, he remained single. Ever the bachelor, Roddy used his ample size and abundant personality to befriend many but secure none of the opposite sex.

Fast forward to 17 months ago and we come to the event that led Roddy to aspire for more. The south-eastern scent border was breached and a night raid on his hometown was attempted by weasels. In this raid, a few homes were burnt down, much food was taken, and quite a few villagers injured or lost in the defense of Willowroot. A gentle mouse by nature, Roddy and others from the town meted a hodgepodge defense and were able to hold out for a little while. Fortunately, a Mouseguard patrol happened upon the scene and managed to aid the villagers and repel the invaders.

It was this moment, when amongst fallen friends, amidst the rubble of his village, and shoulder to shoulder with the lands greatest and most selfless defenders of mouse freedom, that Roddy heard his calling. He knew in his bones, knew as much as he loved craft beer and the art of brewing, that he simply had to do more for others than provide tasteful libations!

After failing the first two physical training examinations, Roddy managed to eek out a passing score on his third attempt. Fur smelling of beer (from years of brewing!) & sweat Roddy was inducted into the Mouseguard as a Tenderpaw.

What transpired in his first year as a cadet is another story altogether. We have neither the time nor the space for such a thing here. Needless to say, he made more friends and certainly some enemies.

One such enemy in particular is a mouse from Copperwood named Farris Stallins. Farris sits on the city counsel and is the owner and innkeeper of the Copper Kettle in Copperwood. To make an already long story short, Farris swindled Roddy out of a large shipment of Breezy Willow. Not only refusing to pay for the shipment once delivered, he had Roddy forcefully removed from the city. To add injury to insult, he used his position on the city counsel to raise taxes on all goods imported from Willowroot. Those goods being principally the wildly popular alcoholic beverage called Breezy Willow.

It is Roddys belief that all mice are entitled to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness without interference from outside sources. Whether these sources be predators, other mice, or institutions themselves. He is determined to settle this feud with Farris one way or another. But for now…he is content to set aside his personal goal and to serve the season out as a 2nd year cadet (aka a Guardmouse) with diligence and honor. Long live the guard!

Roddy Rumpshire

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