Dameon Blacktyde

Healer From Sprucetuck



  • Scientist 5
  • Archivist 2
  • Deceiver 2
  • Cartographer 2
  • Healer 6
  • Hunter 4


  • Cunning 2



Dameon Blacktyde was born and raised in Sprucetuck by his mother and father, Dax and Samantha Blacktyde. His parents were both teachers in the local university and as such Dameon was raised as a very studious and intellectually gifted mouse (and just a tad bit arrogant).

Since teaching wasn’t making the Blacktydes much of a living, Dax and Samantha also used their free time to make poisons and healing brews for shady, off the books dealers. Although potions and poisons were available in local stores, the Blacktydes were renowned for their incredible elixirs. Their potions were easily recognizable as each had the signature “BT” etched into the cork. Dameon found that he loved helping make these potions and poisons with his parents and spent all his free time studying different herbs, or creating new concoctions with his childhood friend Alyssa Burrington who loved to learn new things just as much as he did. So he spent much time with her, or alone outside the town in the woods looking for new ingredients.

Unfortunately, one day when Dameon was 19, he came home to find that his parents had been murdered. It had been the work of a notorious group who the parents had had dealings with known as The Black Paw. This devastated Dameon, so he spent more of his time after graduation studying new and different poisons previously unknown to distract himself from his parent’s death. In his heart though, he swore to avenge his parents one day.

So it came to be that one day while Dameon was out gathering ingredients for one of his newest brews, he heard shouts coming from the distance. As he went to check on the sounds he came over the hill and found a ragged group of Mousegard limping up the pass. He chased down the hill and was able to help them into town and personally took care of the group that had recently been attacked. It was then that he met his mentor William Stort who talked him into joining the guard at the age of 20.

With his skills in healing, hunting and poisons, Dameon excelled in the guard and easily impressed William who had taken him under his wing. Within a year Dameon was promoted to Patrol Guard much to the dismay of the older, more seasoned mice who only saw him as an up-jumped ninny.

As it would seem, terrible things seemed to follow Dameon. On his last patrol with William, they were attacked by an owl. It took everything he had, but in the end Dameon was the only one to escape with his life. Dameon would never forget all that he had learned in that year from William and the rest of his team.

Dameon’s arrogance and self importance makes him believe that he should protect himself first before all others, but he is also ready to help anyone who requires assistance. He wants to be a part of the greater good, but he will do whatever it takes to get the task at hand done even if it is morally gray.

Dameon Blacktyde

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